As every year, also in this - despite the pandemic - November 11, from 9:00 a.m. our time to the next day, the AliExpress Big Sale will continue. This is a good opportunity to spend time shopping, especially since the sale is on a day off for Poland.

Official website of the sales campaign:
[AliExpress 11.11 Clearance]

This year, discounts are waiting for us:
- 75% for car accessories, spare parts, accessories
- 70% the discount applies to toys, DIY and hobbies
- 70% for women's clothing
- 70% for shoe sale
- 60% for computer and office accessories
and many other discounts on more or less known brands such as Xiaomi, Bosch, Roborock, Blitzwolf.

For adding items to the cart, you receive coins that can be exchanged for coupons. You can also get a coupon for the games, but hurry up - you have 10 more days, on the 11th day the sale starts.

After entering the 11.11 sale tab and clicking on the record "Shopping Guide" (PL: buying guide), you will see a page with steps to get the biggest discounts. The first are coupons and coins:

11.11 AliExpress 2020 - Festival of sales guide

There are a lot of discounts prepared for this occasion, so find a coupon that is right for you, download it and then add a certain number of items to your basket for the coupon to be used.

The second step is to purchase in the thematic tabs; the most interesting of them is the last one - local warehouses. Thanks to the purchase made in this tab, you will receive the goods within 7 days from sending.

11.11 AliExpress 2020 - Festival of sales guide

The third step is games where you can get interesting rewards, including discount coupons or coins. Remember that the games only work on the smartphone application. If you do not have the application yet, I encourage you to download it from the store:

AliExpress for Android
AliExpress for iOS

Activities scheduled for 11.11/XNUMX:

11.11 Super Prize

For collecting stamps, you have the opportunity to receive a share of the $ 1 million prize. Last year it was a small sum due to the large number of participants and I expect it to be similar this year. The prize was just over $ 1, to be used on any purchase.

11.11 AliExpress 2020 - Festival of sales guide

Explore Feed

By adding a review in this tab, you can get discount coupons or coins.

Coupon Pals and Slash It

This is a well-known activity where you receive unique discount coupons for inviting friends to play games and purchases. It is similar with the game 'Slash It', where for clicking on links of friends we give them a chance to get their dream things for a few cents. Of course, there is a rematch in the game 😉

Energy Lab

This is the site where you need to collect as many energy points as possible by completing the tasks recommended on the site.
This will allow you to get discount coupons for special occasions, e.g. a 3D printer for 4 PLN.
You get the so-called power points (not to be confused with Office presentations). Collecting the right amount of these points will allow you to exchange them for a coupon with a 99% discount. Completed quests are renewed after 24 hours.

11.11 AliExpress 2020 - Festival of sales guide

11.11 AliExpress 2020 - Festival of sales guide

Fantastic Farm

This is a game similar to simple simulation games where you grow plants. Here we are dealing with one plant - first it is wheat, then corn, and higher and higher. We get coins for cultivation, and we can collect water by completing tasks from the "Get Water" tab. I have to admit that it's quite a nice game, and with a lot of water you can grow a plant in a very short time.

11.11 AliExpress 2020 - Festival of sales guide

As you can see, all the games are related to each other, so you can easily access them and complete tasks with ease, even though they are quite time-consuming.

The above games aren't the only ways to get coupons. You will find a lot of links all over the AliExpress website - especially after entering the 11.11 tab. You will certainly find something for yourself. You can earn both select coupons and those with a minimum order value. For the forgetful some information about coupons: SELECT Coupons

11.11 AliExpress 2020 - Festival of sales guide

Like anything good, it must have some side effects. And in this case, the side panels will not disappear (and which would not ...), but the waiting time can damage the nerves. If you want fast delivery - choose a warehouse from Poland. If you don't care about time, go ahead and choose standard delivery, but keep in mind that you may not receive the items until next year. You also need to take the COVID fix, because a potential new lockdown will certainly delay deliveries in our country.


You can find more coupons and discount codes on a specially prepared page:




  1. As for the Farm, it should be mentioned that they have now added special trees which, when raised, give special discount coupons for everything. Unfortunately, their breeding takes an awful lot of time


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