11.11 AliExpress - 2019 buying guide

The annual sale on AliExpress is approaching fast. As always, the platform offers plenty of opportunities to earn unique coupons and coins that you can use for later purchases.

Regular subscribers to our blog certainly know something about it sales from previous years, but we are also happy to introduce the topic to new readers.

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide

As every year, the sale begins exactly November 11, at 9:00 our time. It is a perfect time to hunt - a day off, morning jackdaw, probably (knowing the Polish weather conditions) it is rainy outside the window and a session with a computer in search of an opportunity to live. And what to do to help keep you happy and catch these opportunities?

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide

The platform offers many opportunities to get valuable coupons that offer us discounts on selected items. After entering the main page of AliExpress, we see a multitude of links to subpages related to the current sale, however, by clicking on any of them, we will be transferred to the main page of the Sale:

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide

We can find here, among others:

  • - discounts on clothing accessories up to 70%,
  • - sale of clothes and sports equipment up to 60%,
  • - consumer electronics discounted up to 60%,
  • - as well as many discounts on branded items (e.g. Xiaomi with shipping from Poland).

Discounts change every few hours, so it's worth keeping an eye on the current auctions and using it when something catches your eye.

AliExpress Game - Money Hop

As already mentioned, you can also earn coupons that can be used at the time of purchase (they are not normally exchanged for cash or other coupons). We can play for special discounts using board games called "Money Hop", Consisting in throwing the dice and moving the pawn on the board. When the pawn is stopped, we are shown a win.

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide

Interestingly, there is a chance to win $ 1 (say: a million dollars) after completing the entire board. If someone is stubborn, try; however, we know from experience that you can't win with bots.


As you can see, the individual tiles correspond to the coupons for a specific store with the "Premium" brand, the coupons Select which principle of operation explained in another entry and coins that can be exchanged for individual items with a specific surcharge. Coins can be collected regardless of sales, incl. by logging in or performing specific tasks imposed on the website, so we will not explain them in more detail.11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide


At the start, you get 3 rolls of the dice to use; the next one can be obtained by visiting the indicated shops on the board. At the end of the board there is a "gold chest", reaching which you can win a MILLION DOLLARS! Wait a minute ... It would be too good, wouldn't it? After you reach the end of the first board, the page ... takes you to the next game!

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide

Within 10 seconds you have to "click" the cursor as many falling gifts as possible. Winnings add upas a result of which you can get quite a large coupon like this one:

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide


There are 4 boards in total. Each has different coupons from other brands. At the start of each board, you get 3 dice rolls. After the second board we have a mini game Flip & Winand after completing the 3rd board - again Rain of Gifts, however, the award is no longer as spectacular as in the picture above. The game ends when the fourth board is completed and the results are announced on November 10. Getting to the end is not easy, and the time to the end is short (you can only play until 10.11/21 to 00:XNUMX). I hope you didn't get too hot to win, because that million dollars is actually ... a shopping discount. Probably many people will reach the end, so don't expect a big win. Perhaps it is worth spending time on something else?

Gift Box - new on AliExpress

Another interesting option during this year's sale is the purchase Gift Box, i.e. a small gadget wrapped in an effective box. It is certainly a great option if we want to give someone an unexpected gift. On the promotion subpage you will also find Select Couponthat we can use to buy a Gift Box.

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guideAs you can see above, the deals are really good: phone + screen protection + wireless headphones and MiBand 4. A perfect set for the Christmas tree.

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide

AliExpress coupons - how to get 11.11?

Coupon Center is another sale tab on the AliExpress website. You can collect quite powerful coupons, reaching even several hundred zlotys. You only need to remember to reach the minimum order value set by the store - otherwise we will not be able to use the coupon.

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guideThe coins that we collected during the sale games, for adding items to the cart or filling daily tasks, can be exchanged for attractive coupons after going to this tab .

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide

We can find Aliexpress coupons and Select coupons there. Aliexpress coupons unfortunately have a minimum order value, but you can use them for the entire shopping cart. Select coupons have no minimum order value, but are unfortunately only valid in selected stores.

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide

Floating Coupon is a coupon that appears unexpectedly on the page. While browsing, you will see an icon floating on the screen that you need to click quickly before it disappears. You will be awarded a shopping voucher worth $ 2. You can collect a maximum of 10 such coupons a day.

11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide11.11 AliExpress 2019 sale singles day buying guide

Bonus: after each purchase made and paid for, we will receive a $ 2 select coupon from AliExpress as a reward. You can receive a maximum of 100 such coupons. Remember about the restrictions in its use!

11.11 AliExpress - until when does it last?

Sale ends the next day, November 12 at 9:00 a.m. EDT. Remember, however, that sellers each year before 11.11/XNUMX purposely increase the prices of products in order to artificially lower them during the big sale and give the appearance of a great offer. However, having a lot of coupons, you can catch a nice opportunity to buy, for example, electronics or small household appliances and personal care devices. Certainly, with the help of coupons, we will be able to lower the price enough to be attractive for us.

The definite disadvantage of the sale is the waiting time for the parcel; if it comes from China by standard parcel, we can expect a longer delivery time than usual. Unfortunately, nobody will pay us for our nerves. When choosing gifts for the upcoming Christmas, it is worth paying extra for a faster shipment and sleeping (relatively) calmly (because the risk is always there, even when shipping from Poland).

summarizing - it is definitely worth doing larger purchases and using the collected coupons, but it is worth bearing in mind the delivery time. We recommend that you follow a given auction and make a simple check - does it really make sense to buy the selected item during the sale.


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