AliExpress 10th birthday - tutorial

2010 - that's when the AliExpress service made its debut. Today he is celebrating his 10th birthday. And what about it? What birthday promotions are waiting for us?

AliExpress birthday schedule

You've probably already seen something happening. From March 20.03.2020, XNUMX, you could observe new games, collecting coins and a time capsule, about which a little more will come soon. We can celebrate the birthday according to the following schedule:

03.20 08: 00-03.27 07:59 PL time birthday warm-up
03.27 08: 00-04.01 08:59 PL time biggest sales


AliExpress 10th birthday - promotions? coupons?

Yes of course! Now you can browse a specially prepared page with various coupons for hundreds of stores. Everything available is at this link.

10th birthday aliexpress coupons game promotions


On this page you will find tons of Select coupons, general and multi-store coupons. Just take a moment to find a discount that interests us.

In addition to the above, this site offers access to a time capsule as well options to exchange coins for coupons - click on the picture below to go:

10th birthday aliexpress coupons game promotions

Unfortunately, as always - the most valuable coupons require a lot of reflex. The exchange option is only available via the AliExpress mobile application.

Coupons with the following values ​​await us for exchange:

Select Coupon $2
Select Coupon $6
Select Coupon $ 10
Select Coupon $ 12
Aliexpress Coupon $1
Aliexpress Coupon $3
Aliexpress Coupon $ 10


[Don't wait! Go to the AliExpress app and exchange your coins for coupons! ]

Also, for viewing your time capsule, which is actually an interesting "souvenir" of our participation on the AliExpress website, you can get Select coupons. All you need to do is enter the capsule, which will show us since we were on AliExpress, how much we paid for purchases in total from the moment of creating the account, broken down by year, how much was our most expensive purchase, etc.

[Go to the time capsule! ]

10th birthday aliexpress coupons game promotions


Fast deliveries - shipments from EU warehouses, including PL

In connection with the birthday, AliExpress has prepared a special page with a list of items that are not only covered by promotions, but also have the option of shipping from European warehouses, including Poland! Just go to the page below and start browsing the list of available products.

10th birthday aliexpress coupons game promotions

[View product list with fast delivery! ]

Health zone - masks, gloves, etc.

AliExpress launched a health care campaign and created a dedicated website with affordable products such as masks, gloves, thermometers, eye protection and much more. The range of products is really impressive. From now on, we don't have to do a manual search on AliExpress. We can find all these things in one place and at attractive prices.

[Go to the website with medical products]

Rebate codes

Discount codes have been prepared for the participants, which you can use when entering them in the basket. Discount codes are combined with existing coupons, so you can save much more than usual. Here is a preliminary list, we will publish later coupons in the Coupons section, also enable notifications or check the alilove page:

A discount code Reduction Quantity
Allyrion30 $ 3 / $ 4 1500
Allyrion100 $ 10 / $ 100 1500


All discount codes are valid from 8:00 a.m. Polish time on March 27.03, until stocks are exhausted or until April 01.04 to 7:59 a.m.

We will inform you about any news related to AliExpress's birthday in this post!


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