AliExpress birthday - coupons and promotions

March 28.03 is the birthday of AliExpress as every year. As every year, many coupons and discounts have been prepared. What is worth paying attention to?

AliExpress birthday - when exactly?

The main jubilee event starts on March 28.03.2019, XNUMX at at 8:00 Polish time. You could collect coins and select coupons before, but now comes the time to use them and many promotions in stores. But keep in mind that some retailers' prices may have gone up, just like they did on 11.11/XNUMX.

AliExpress birthday - the most interesting offers.

10/100 discount coupon.

Perhaps some of you have heard the AliExpress radio ad. If not, at the beginning I will remind you about the 10/100 discount coupon. For orders over 100 USD, we enter the coupon LUCKY9 and the price of the product drops USD 10. Is it worth it? It is an individual matter depending on purchases. The number of coupons is limited, so if someone is planning larger purchases, let them do it from the very morning. This code is combined with select coupons.

Exchange of coins for coupons.

Did you collect coins? If so, now you can exchange them for Select or AliExpress coupons. The most interesting coupons are $ 2 and $ 10, which will be available only to the fastest people, because I know from experience that bots are just waiting to take them. Coupons can only be exchanged in the AliExpress app and are valid from March 28.03 to March 31.03.

Click on the image below to go to the exchange of coins for coupons:

birthday of aliexpress

Products in EU warehouses.

Personally, I have not encountered this type of subpage on the site, but it is nice that something like this was created. From now on, you can freely view products with shipment from European warehouses. What are the benefits of purchasing from European warehouses? No VAT and delivery in a few days, but you probably already know that 🙂

Click on the image below to go to goods in EU warehouses:

birthday of aliexpress eu european magazine

Pay with PayPal and get a 4USD discount.

An interesting offer for PayPal account holders. Just choose this payment method for purchases over 20 USD to get an automatic 4 USD rebate. The discount is calculated automatically at check out, i.e. in the last step of the PP payment. Anyone can take advantage of this promotion, but only once! The offer is also limited on the "First come, first served" basis, but the promotion validity period is 01.04.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX.

birthday of aliexpress paypal

Buy in a bundle - pay less.

The offer is well known to people who shop at events on Gearbest. Buy a few items from a special list and you will receive a discount.

2 items - 10%, 3 items - 20%, and 4 items - 30% cheaper. So far, I have not seen a combined offer that would come out cheaper than buying separately from outside this list, but it is updated quite often, the products change.

Click on the image below to go to the products covered by the package promotion:

birthday aliexpress packages

AliExpress birthday - what more?

Overall, AliExpress offers nothing more interesting on the occasion of the 9th birthday. The complete list can be viewed on the dedicated fun page is available here.

If something was missing, let me know in the comment 🙂


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