AliExpress Inpost Parcel Locker - how to order?

Inpost agreed with AliExpress by creating a new delivery method - AliExpress Parcel Locker or pickup in person. How to take advantage of it?

AliExpress Parcel Locker - which products?

The basic issue when using personal collection is the ability to find products with this type of option available. For now (note the date of this entry) there is no clear marking for products with the possibility of using delivery to a parcel locker. It is very likely that such a graphic element will be added soon. If it appears, this entry will be corrected 😉

So far, the determinant of purchase is the delivery option AliExpress Standard Shipping. Unfortunately, not all products confirm this rule, but it is a preliminary determinant - one of several.

To be able to order with delivery to a parcel locker, the following conditions must be met:

  • Delivery to the country: Poland
  • Site language: Poland (but this is not the rule, I also had this option from the English version)
  • Minimum product value: 5 USD
  • Basic Delivery Method: AliExpress Standard Shipping

Let's follow the ordering process from AliExpress to Parcel Locker on the example of the following product:

aliexpress inpost parcel locker how to buy how to order VAT duty from when guideHow to choose delivery to a parcel locker from AliExpress?

After selecting the product and adding it to the basket, we proceed to payment, then we see that we can choose between two types of delivery, i.e. Delivery or InPost parcel locker (Self Pickup in English).

aliexpress inpost parcel locker how to buy how to order VAT duty from when guide 2

  • The blue arrow shows the option that must be selected to use delivery to a parcel locker.
  • Our data will appear in the red field, i.e. name and surname, telephone number, address and name of the selected parcel locker
  • In the green field we have the button "Show on the map", which allows you to change the parcel locker.

Changing the AliExpress parcel locker

We do it with the button "Show on the map", then a map will open, where we can choose another parcel locker available in our area.

aliexpress inpost parcel locker how to buy how to order VAT duty from when guide 3The selection of a new parcel locker is confirmed by pressing the "Confirm" button.

Finalizing the purchase with the delivery of AliExpress Parcel Locker

After selecting the parcel locker, please note that our full address is nowhere to be found, only the address of the parcel locker. About this in a moment. Until then, when the delivery details are correct and we have also chosen the payment method (card payment for me - I recommend - quickly and safely).

aliexpress inpost parcel locker how to buy how to order VAT duty from when guide 4Delivery time of shipments from AliExpress to a parcel locker?

Inpost declares that the delivery time is to be much shorter than for parcels delivered by Poczta Polska (i.e. about 20 days for Aliexpress Standard Shipping). In reality, however, things are slightly different. The above product, purchased on November 29.11.2019, 60, has XNUMX days for delivery!

aliexpress inpost parcel locker how to buy how to order VAT duty from when guide delivery timeTrack your shipment from AliExpress to the Parcel Locker

Fortunately, the tracking number of parcels sent from AliExpress to Inpost Parcel Locker is unchanged. Immediately after the seller generates the label, we can check the parcel and track it on the website. In this respect, Inpost is more efficient than PocztaPolska, which on its website emonitoring allows you to track shipments only after they are redirected to WER.

aliexpress inpost parcel locker how to buy how to order VAT duty from when a guide on how to track the parcel posting number tracking numberAliExpress Parcel Locker, and VAT and Customs?

That's a good question. At the moment, even Inpost itself does not have information on how shipments will be verified in terms of customs and tax. Currently, there is no information that Inpost would open its own customs branch (such as DHL). Debt enforcement may also be puzzling. When choosing a delivery, as you have noticed, we do not provide our address, so the question is - how will Inpost contact us to perform customs clearance of shipments? Perhaps we will be notified by SMS or messages will come to our e-mail address provided on the AliExpress website.

I asked the Inpost consultant about it and got this answer:

aliexpress inpost parcel locker how to buy how to order VAT duty from when guide how to track the parcel posting number tracking number how to receive

Fortunately, the infrastructure is up and running, and they know how it works. So far, there is one big unknown for customers who have already made purchases through parcel machines.

Of course, when something changes and any information comes out, we'll post it here.

You can find out more about the campaign on the official AliExpress website, which says the same things as the above article and contains two discount codes.


  1. Since InPost announced this option, I am trying to order to a parcel locker and I have never had this option to choose from. Instead of these two buttons (Delivery, Paczkomat), only my address is shown. I am ordering for at least PLN 20. Once, I even tried a product for PLN 100 and nothing. If I did not enter the address, there is no such option. Even when I gave an address from a big city, nothing has changed. Something that doesn't work well. Most likely, Aliexpress is to blame here, but I don't know how to solve it

  2. Mateusz Felczak

    I order for a trial. Goods for PLN 20 with pennies. The first time I chose a random parcel locker, when I tried again, I had all available on the map and I chose the one I wanted.

  3. On November 24, I bought 2 items for a trial from the same seller. One by post, the second to the parcel locker (in fact, as someone mentioned, you cannot choose the location, I was assigned such a parcel locker that I have to deliver to it with 20 km). Package sent the next day. Parcel locker after 3 days. Mail arrived in the country on December 4. Parcel locker on December 6. None are in place yet

    • The parcels have arrived. From the post office on December 17. To the parcel locker on December 16, late afternoon. So the inpost is pointless, the time is the same and you have to bother to the parcel locker. As for inpost check-in, it was a bit more efficient. On December 6, 12 went to Poland and continued its journey. For the post office it was from 4 to 15. I was counting on the fact that it would go faster after reaching the country. All in all, it is, but again a domestic trip, much slower inpost, wiped out this profit. I would also like to add that despite the fact that the items bought from the same seller and at the same time, the post office left 2 days earlier. I do not know whether it is a coincidence or ignorance of the seller in new types of shipping. Unless it's just delays in shipping "statuses"

  4. You are not irritated by this Russianism: so far ...? You do not know the Polish equivalents: so far, for the time, now ...? Please….

    • Sorry
      I don't see any soviets here
      nor the fascists
      change glasses
      preferably pink 😍

    • No, but I am irritated by people clinging to just about anything. So far, have a nice day 🙂

  5. A week ago, I spoke to an InPost employee about the same issues. When it comes to customs and VAT, he did not know what it would be like, and when it comes to whether InPost as a company is prepared for it, I heard "I do not know how we will handle it ... the company is not prepared"

  6. I clicked for the test purchase of the given product and I do not have the option to choose delivery to a parcel locker ... Why is that?

    • There are two answers - the first is the seller withdrew from this type of delivery (if they have such a possibility), or Aliexpress itself withdrew from delivery to parcel machines, because something is not right. Nevertheless, many people have already placed orders this way. We are closely monitoring what will come of it.

    • I have a choice of the option with picking up the order, but there are no marked points on the parcel locker selection map, “system is currently busy. Try again later ”….

    • The basis is your well-filled data in the delivery address (even though the parcel locker does not need it), perhaps it is related to the subsequent VAT charges, and perhaps to the correct location.

      Until I filled out all the fields, there was no parcel locker option. Ah, we write the zip code without a dash


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