Coupon Pals - get PLN 64 in the AliExpress coupon

The new game in the AliExpress mobile application allows you to get a coupon worth up to PLN 64. See how!

The game called Coupon Pals or Polish Coupon Kumple (oh, those translations 🙂) is available to users who are already a few hours after their first purchase. People who create new accounts for the game, unfortunately, will not be able to take part in the game. It is also not possible to play from a browser on a computer. Coupon Pals is reserved exclusively for the mobile application. Unfortunately, it is not known how long this game will be available, so it's worth using it every day!

The game itself is very simple, once every 12 hours we have the opportunity to get a coupon of different value, depending on the speed of our fingers. We can invite other people to help us who will help us in the game every day.

I encourage you to add your links to the game in the comment, we can do more together!

How to play Coupon Pals - Coupon Pals?

1. We need to log in to the AliExpress app. If you don't have an account, you can put them on here and by the way, you will receive a coupon with a total value of PLN 80. However, to take part in the game you have to make your first purchase.

2. In the application, we are looking for an icon:
aliexpress coupon pals coupon mates app game coupons coupon






If you don't see the icon, you can always go directly to play from this link.

3. After switching on, we see a game window that does not require complicated interaction except pressing a button Play now.

aliexpress coupon pals coupon mates how to play game coupon coupon












4. The object of the game is to tap the trigger button as quickly as possible to shoot the tickets. The more we manage to fill the bar at the top of the screen, the higher the coupon value we can get.

aliexpress coupon pals coupon mates how to play game coupons coupon shooting










5. After 10 seconds of shooting, we see our result in the form of the winning ticket. We can exchange it for a money coupon or invite friends to play, thanks to which the value of the coupon increases.

aliexpress coupon pals coupon mates how to play game coupons coupon shooting











Coupon Pals rules:

The full rules are available at link available here.

  • - A new round becomes available 12 hours after the last round ends. On the main page of the game we have a timer counting down the time to a new shooting.
  • - After the game is over, you have 12 hours to exchange the points you earn for a coupon. Otherwise it will be lost.
  • - The coupon exchanged from the game is an AliExpress coupon, i.e. one that reduces purchases in the entire cart, regardless of the seller or product.






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