Gearbest Black Friday 2019 - Guide

Soon, on November 29 this year, we will have a crazy day of sale in many stationary stores, as well as in online stores. One of them is GearBest Black Friday, which, as every year, organizes sales of its products on the platform. We hope that you will like this event (after the 11.11/XNUMX sale on AliExpress).

Gearbest Black Friday brief:

  • 20-29 November - warming up before shopping; providing guides on how to get discounts and the ability to add products to the basket, get coins for logging in, catch "gifts" appearing on the site, Wheel of Fortune - in which you can win the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and various discount coupons;
  • 28-30 November - the so-called Lightning Deals, or first come first served; offers change from time to time, so be active on the site. Of course, the most important event will take place on November 29, but now it is worth taking some activities on the website;
  • 2-3 December - Cyber ​​Monday - the last days of the sale and the opportunity to get FREE holiday gifts.
    The entire event will last 11 days. The activity data start time is 7:00 AM UTC (unless otherwise stated), so translating to our Polish reality - 6:00 AM. Perfect for coffee, before breakfast and heading off to work.

Activity review or what to collect points for?


When logging in, we have the opportunity to get coins as well as discount coupons. Just go to the website Gearbest Black Fridaywhich you will find a link to in the main shop window. Let's not forget to push Yellow Sign In button below the box with the rewards for logging in - only then will we receive coins.

gearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectgearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectFor a continuous two days of logging in, we can get a $ 3 coupon, for 3 days - $ 4, for 4 days - $ 5, for 5 days - $ 6, and for 6 days - discount coupon worth up to $ 8.
The received coupons can be found in the "My coupon" section and are valid only between 20.11/1.12 and XNUMX/XNUMX. Unfortunately, coupons are limited - some products cannot be purchased with a discount.
On the same page you can see a clock counting down the time to the start of the sale, while under it are Keywords, i.e. words that, after entering the magnifying glass in the store (or clicking on one of the keywords), lead us to the page with products from the store that we clicked, along with with a gift, in the form of a coupon for this particular store.

gearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectgearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectSPIN THE WHEEL

You can play between November 20 and 30 on this page. Each user has one FREE move wheel, but for GB points you can buy additional points, which can be 10 in total. One chance costs 5 points. The won coupons can be found in the "My coupons" tab. As before, the coupon does not work for the selected products. Also, not all regions of the world can play - for technical reasons. Fortunately, there is no problem with that in Poland. There are two phones to be won - Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and ASUS ROG.
gearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectgearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectThere is of course one drawback to this game - according to the regulations, GearBest has the right to cancel the prize without compensation. We are curious what is hidden under it ...


As mentioned above, visiting the stores listed in the Keywords field on the sale homepage gives us the chance to get gifts, usually in the form of discount coupons for those stores. So - if there's something you absolutely want - it's worth visiting the store and looking for the highest-value coupons.

gearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectFREE GIFTS

Browsing sale websites gives you the opportunity to catch gifts in the form of a suddenly appearing box on the website. The more you browse, the greater the chance of gifts. Probably most of them are coupons, but we hope that they are also material items. So far, we've only caught the coupon.

gearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectgearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectCOUPON RAIN

Just like on AliExpress during the 11.11 sale, we can take part in catching falling coupons worth $ 1.000.000 (million dollars). Each registered and verified user can only play this game once a day.

gearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectgearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectTo win the prize, you need to share your result, for example, on Facebook (for example in a private message - by sending it to yourself 🙂). We were not lucky again - another coupon ...

Large vouchers for VIPs * (counted in pieces for given days and hours)

* VIP are people with levels 2 - 12; to get a higher level - you have to make more purchases.

26-30 November 8:00 13:00 17:00
$ 30 for purchases for min. $ 200 30 30 30
$ 50 for purchases for min. $ 300 15 15 15


Coupons for purchase are available on event home page, just below the field for collecting coupons for logging in.

gearbest black friday 2019 coupons how to collectOther unique promotions

  • Christmas Special Offer - a place with unique Christmas products for our loved ones;
  • Delivery in 5 days - offers with courier and shipment from the warehouse from Poland / EU, so we do not have to worry about customs / VAT / being late before Christmas;
  • Lightning Deals - lots of discounts and coupons; the best will be available between November 28-30, from 8:00 am; be vigilant - a lot of the latest phones to choose from up to 50% cheaper, and we know that electronics are something you love;
  • Sale of brands - of course, the GearBest ones will look for Apple in vain. In this tab you will find Alfawise, Utorch and even Gocomm;
  • Xiaomi Deals - the best offers for the entire Xiaomi brand: phones, small appliances, audio equipment, small and larger electronics;
  • Smart Home - everything you need to control the whole house with a smartphone;
  • Heaven for gadgeters - everything you need to stand out from the crowd;
  • Electronic Must-buy - equipment that is most sought after by buyers on GearBest.

Other useful information:

  •  New users will get a discount from PayPal on $ 3 with a minimum purchase of $ 50
  •  On November 20.11 - 3.12 you can get more points for purchases:
    Level 0: 1X
    Level 1 - Level 3: 1.2X
    Level 4 - Level 6: 1.5X
    Level 7 - Level 9: 1.8X
    Level 10 - Level 12: 2X
    You can check your current level in the main window of your account.

We've outlined all the ways to get the best deals on Gearbest Black Friday. We hope you can make a pretty good deal with the coupons and get your dream items for a fraction of the price. So - explore, find, buy!

Of course, as in the case of 11.11/XNUMX, we will publish unique coupons in separate entries in the Coupons and Discounts section, also turn on notifications so you don't miss any new offers!



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