Gearbest cash on delivery - COD

Gearbest cares about customers from Poland. Another positive change is the ability to pay for our purchases on delivery, the so-called cash on delivery. However, certain conditions must be met.

Gearbest cash on delivery - conditions.

To be able to use the Cash on Delivery (COD), the buyer must meet certain conditions:

  • buyers must be registered on Gearbest,
  • products must have the COD marking,
  • each order must be in the range of $ 20 - $ 100 (PLN 75 - PLN 380),
  • Customers who have 2 COD orders cannot place a third COD order.
gearbest payment on delivery
COD marking - Gearbest payment on delivery.

There are no restrictions on cities in Poland. Payment on delivery works throughout the country.

Gearbest cash on delivery - who serves.

DHL is responsible for payment on delivery. We can pay both in cash and by card at the terminal.

Shipping time:

  • From warehouses in the European Union: 4-6 business days.
  • From warehouses outside the European Union: 10-15 business days.
  • Weekend delivery not possible.

Gearbest cash on delivery - refusal to accept.

If 2 orders are returned due to non-collection on time, Gearbest has the right to refuse your future orders.

If the product is delivered in good condition and you refuse to accept the order, you will not be able to use COD payments in the future. Such a refusal may also affect your credit history. If you have changed your mind, we recommend that you contact us. If the product has not been shipped yet, we can help you cancel your order.

Gearbest cash on delivery - how to do it?

In addition to the COD badge on the product page, you need to select a delivery method when summarizing your order HUCLK-COD. We also mark the option Cash on Delivery in the method of payment.

gearbest payment on delivery

After pressing Submit your order we will be asked to enter an SMS code, so it is worth having the correct phone number provided in the address field:

gearbest cash on delivery cash on delivery

That's it, now we have to wait for delivery.


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