NIUBILITY N1 electric scooter

As we know from recent days, the coronavirus still does not give up; It's a matter of time when public transport will be under special restrictions again, and getting to work a few kilometers away will depend on luck. GearBest is here to help again with a new Niubility electric scooter.

Niubility N1 is a new production of the company, offering a budget scooter with excellent parameters. You can have a scooter for less than PLN 1400, it is in fact the price of a mid-range bike. I personally would rather drive an electrician than pedal a few kilometers, possibly in the rain. You can keep an umbrella on the scooter, and the scooter itself has a waterproof battery with rain and wind protection.

Specially designed wheels absorb vibrations and shocks, eliminating possible tire damage. Brakes with the E-ABS system on the front and disc brakes on the rear wheel ensure safe travel and short braking distances.

The scooter is made of a special aviation-grade aluminum alloy. Such alloys are always characterized by high lightness and high strength of the entire structure. The whole thing is stainless, anti-magnetic and powder-coated, thanks to which the scooter will keep a great look for a long time.

The battery, which is mounted on the rear wheel, can also be used as a fender on rainy days, allows for up to 125 hours of lighting from the LED lamp mounted on the steering wheel to illuminate the road. The battery charging time is 3 to 4 hours. On one battery, a person weighing 70 kg, speed 15 km / h and on a flat road can cover a maximum distance of 25 km. If the parameters are changed (higher weight / speed / incline), the maximum distance will certainly be reduced. But the scooter itself will tell you about it.

Let's see the comparison of the hujanogi N1 and Xiaomi Mijia:

Comparative criterion Niubility N1 Xiaomi Mijia
Maximum engine power 250W 500W
Maximum range on a single charge 25km 30km
Folding 3 seconds 3 stages
stuff Aluminum alloy (aviation application) Aluminum alloy (aviation application)
wheels 8,5 inches with shock reduction system 8,5 inches with shock reduction system
Hamulce Front - E-ABS, rear - disc brakes Front - E-ABS, rear - disc brakes
Max speed 25km / h 25km / h
Charging time 3-4h 5h
The maximum gradient of the road on which the vehicle can travel 15 ° 14 °
Maximum load 120kg 100km
Weight 12kg 12,5kg
Front light Yes - LED Roof
Warehouses available China, Poland Poland, China
Price ~ 1400 PLN ~ 1800 PLN


As you can see from the table above, in addition to the maximum range - it beats the Xiaomi scooter in every respect. So - why overpay? 😉

The product delivery time is 3-4 days, from the Polish warehouse - therefore without the risk of VAT and other charges.

NIUBILITY N1 electric scooter

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