Oneplus 7 PRO - Review

The latest flagship Oneplus 7 in the PRO edition came into my hands and after a few weeks of use, here is the review. Is it worth buying it?

I bought the phone in a store Tradingshenzen. Personally, I highly recommend this store. I have also prepared a guide on how to shop in it. I invite you to read pod tym linkiem.

I received the smartphone in 8 days from the date of purchase, by DPD courier with no additional VAT and duty fees. Paypal payment and guarantee.

1The composition of the set

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

A small box, or actually a classic “brick” size, conceals a charger besides the phone WARP 30W 2A-6A max, USB-C cable, sticker set, Quick Guide (no PL), tray key, warranty card (this is what I conclude from the bushes), silicone case and that's it. I do not know why, but there is no Jack - UsbC adapter. At this price, this few percent supplement should be standard. If it were not for the adapters from Xiaomi sets, I would be deprived of the ability to listen to AUX music in the car.

2Construction of Oneplus 7 PRO

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

Let me tell you, this is no longer a light and pleasant smartphone. Oneplus 7 PRO is already a "cow" and it is on the go. It is much heavier and more "boned" than Xiaomi Mi9, Mi Mix3 or even Vivo Nex 2! Without a silicone case, it looks quite normal, but as soon as we pack it in a protective casing, it becomes - in my opinion - a very bulky phone. The 6,67-inch screen has to be occupying itself, but crap ... it's already going in the wrong direction.

I assume that the ladies will not like this size. According to my weight, the phone itself with the case is 234g. This is 40g more than the Mi9.

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

It's nice that a protective film is already installed on the screen, but I don't know if it is the Oneplus standard or maybe the Tradingshenzen store has made this modification (they are checked for defects before shipping the phone).

The dimensions of the phone are 162.6 × 75.9 × 8.8mm. Both sides of the phone are covered with Gorilla Glass 5 (information comes from Corning Gorilla Glass). This is one mesh less than the Mi9. Interestingly, the screen is curved on the sides. I am asking: for what?

Around the casing there are volume buttons on the left, a sound slider and a power button on the right. At the bottom, there is a slot for nano SIM cards, microphones, antenna, loudspeaker and a USB-C socket. Retractable camera and microphone from the top. The backs are covered with a camera with three lenses and a light emitting diode. What was missing? Notification LEDs and 3.5mm jack sockets. Seriously - with these dimensions, the headphone jack would have its place here.

Interestingly, Oneplus 7 PRO does not have an IP certificate for water resistance, but all elements that leave the phone frame do silicone gaskets that prevent water from getting inside. We can easily wash the phone in water, swim with it in the pool (as long as we do not dive deep!) Or take photos. Even a retractable camera will not let water through. Nevertheless, we must approach these types of challenges with limited confidence.

3Oneplus 7 PRO display

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

The screen is an element that aroused the admiration of many reviewers. I wonder why? Maybe because the phone was tested and they are supposed to be superlatives? I approach the topic quite coolly ...

The screen, as I mentioned, has a diagonal of 6,7 ″ and a choice of resolution QHD + (3120 x 1440) or FHD +. 516PPI and a contrast of 100k: 1. In addition, we also have the option of choosing between 90Hz and 60Hz refreshing. All this can be completed with SuperAMOLED image calibration from the settings level (so basic, but always adding something to the visual experience). In addition, the manufacturer boasts that the display in Oneplus7 PRO has an A + rating in the DisplayMate test and HDR10 + approval

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review


How is it really? I personally don't see any difference that would cause the jaw to drop. 90Hz is slightly smoother than 60Hzbut if nobody had told me about this refresh, I wouldn't have noticed the difference at all. QHD + is also such a resolution that, unlike FHD +, I do not see any major change. The appearance of applications, videos, photos, text on pages - everything looks good in both resolutions.

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

I am only wondering about this curved screen. Due to these curves on the sides of the screen, the side viewing angles are hopeless. The image in the corners turns blue, green or maybe turquoise. This is the same ailment as in the first curved Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

Do you count on the functionality of the curved screen? Well, you have to invest in something from Samsung, because Oneplus 7 offers nothing in this matter, except a blinking edge for notifications in Ambient mode. It looks nice, but unfortunately we have to look at the phone to see the light on the edge. The flare only occurs once. Alternatively, you can root the phone and use the Magisk package, but I haven't tested this solution. As for the Ambient mode itself, I also don't like the fact that it is awakened by touching or picking up the phone. After all, the point is that the clock should be a kind of "screensaver" that runs in the background. This is a matter of software and I hope for a change, as is the case with other phones offering Ambient mode.

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

4Oneplus 7 PRO performance

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

What can I say. This is the top shelf in terms of performance. Snapdragon 855 and 12GB of RAM (by the way, I remember when someone asked in my other review why would someone need 10GB of RAM, that's an exaggeration, and here you are). Memory dedicated to data is 256GB. The standard Adreno 640 is responsible for the graphics on this processor. Oneplus also says that the cooling of components is responsible for "Liquid cooling system" i.e. some liquid floating under the housing and cooling the components. We know from many videos about taking this phone apart, there is no active liquid cooling system, but there is one large conductive copper surface that actually works. While playing or charging, the phone was only slightly warm, to be precise, it did not exceed 39 ° C.

As for the games, they run smoothly. I tested PUBG as standard and everything works without a hitch. Interestingly, Oneplus offers an additional "fnatic" option for the game mode, which allegedly overclocks the processor etc. I tried to test this mode on the Antutu benchmark and surprisingly the result was worse than without enabling this option.

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

When it comes to Antutu, I don't think I will be surprised if I say that in my case it is the biggest the score is approximately 370k points. Oneplus 7 PRO is comparable to the Xiaomi Mi9.

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

5Battery and communication

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

The 4000mAh battery is currently a feature that gives lead over Xiaomi phones. The Mi9 and Mix3 have an almost 1000mAh smaller battery. Nevertheless, they can withstand the whole day of use. Mi OP7 lasts about 10h - 15h. It is known that games drain the battery significantly, but ordinary use, such as social media, phone, text message, wifi + LTE and a camera, make it possible to charge the phone in the morning and not be afraid that it will die by the end of school / work. If such a thing happened, the set includes the aforementioned WARP charger, which allows charge the battery to 60% in just 20 minutes. Warning! Oneplus 7 PRO does not support inductive charging, so if someone got used to wireless charging, they must like the classic charger again.


In terms of communication, we have a full package here that Xiaomi fans are always asking about. Yes, there is LTE B20 and yes - there is NFC. Unfortunately, there is no IR remote and no 3.5mm jack socket (it's a pity that the VIVO Nex 2, despite its smaller dimensions, was able to cram such an input into the housing). GPS also catches the fix quickly with an accuracy according to the GPS Test up to 4m. LTE networks aggregate on three bands, and NFC easily supports Google Pay payments.

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

6Security and sound

What pleasantly surprised me was the face unlocking of the phone. I thought the fact that the camera extends would take an incredibly long time, but no. It only takes one blink of an eye longer than in the case of e.g. Mi9. Also, the fingerprint sensor built into the screen works extremely fast ... as long as it reads our fingerprint correctly. Normally, when we have wet or cold fingers, the sensor has a problem and after a few unsuccessful attempts, it automatically fires the camera to unlock the phone with the face. It amuses me a bit, because it looks like the phone is saying to me: "good guy, stop fiddling, we'll check your face and back off" 🙂

At the end, I saved the weakest point of the program. Oneplus boasts that the sound in the OP7 is very good and in addition, the entire sound system is supported by Dolby Atmos. What are my observations? The sound on the speakers is so sluggish, flat and lifeless. The same on the headphones. I totally don't want to listen to music on this phone on an external speaker. The bass is not soft, even artificial and it farts. The highs are clean and clear, but the whole thing does not knock you on your knees, but rather scares you off. Sound correction options, Dolby Atmos profiles - all this only minimally generates any differences in reception. The only noticeable difference is in the "Movie" mode, all the rest, ie "Music" and "Dynamic", do not make any difference in the listening experience. On the plus side, we have stereo speakers here, but ... the upper one is a speaker for conversations so hmm .. well, it is, but it is a bit cheated.

7Oneplus 7 PRO camera

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

Oneplus has always been considered a phone that takes very good photos. Has this tradition been maintained? The 48MP camera with three lenses is responsible for the quality of photos and videos. Exactly the main one the lens has 48MP support and f / 1.6 focal length. All this thanks to SONY IMX 586. What's more, the Oneplus 7 PRO camera also offers optical image stabilization for two lenses and additionally electronic. There was also the possibility of taking photos in a wide angle of 117 *. Unlike the Mi9, the OP7 offers a triple optical zoom, not a double. It works pretty well. In good lighting, the amount of noise is minimal.

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

The laser autofocus also works well, but it is not a speed demon in focusing. However, Oneplus 7 PRO does not support the H.265 codec. Video resolutions are also limited as we have a choice of either 1080P (30/60 frames) or 4K (30/60 frames). Slow motion is only 1080P 240FPS or 720P 480FPS. In this respect, the Mi9 surpasses the OP7. However, it is not quantity but quality that matters, so let these few options defend themselves now. Unlike Mi9, we have OIS on board and allegedly also supported EIS, but not all modes support stabilization. 1080P 30FPS and 4K 30FPS actually have stabilized recordings (although the preview seems to have no stabilization). The 60FPS variants have a smooth image, but I don't feel any stabilization in them.

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

On the plus side, Oneplus has not given up the RAW image capture function. We only have access to raw photos in the PRO mode, which, despite the same functions as others, somehow seems more PRO.

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

Now you are probably wondering what about the front camera. As I mentioned above, it slides out of the housing. The motor is supposed to withstand taking 150 selfies a day for 5,5 years. Similarly to the slider in Mi Mix 3. However, if someone is used to unlocking the phone with his face and does it 150 times a day, for example out of boredom, or after taking a selfie, he browses it in the gallery, I am curious how long the whole mechanism will last. The quality of the photos on the front is ok. We won't take selfies as good as the rear camera (unless we take them with the Vivo Nex 2 phone), but they are sharp, clear and saturated. I'm not a fan of taking selfies myself, but I don't see anything to complain about.

Examples of photos taken with the Oneplus 7 PRO phone, uploaded without compression:

8Oneplus 7 PRO - summary

oneplus 7 pro tradingshenzen review review

To be honest, I was a supporter of the Oneplus brand from the very beginning, because they had a vision of creating something top-notch for little money. It was a strong competitor to Xiaomi who did not live up to Oneplus heels. Over time, however, the differences blurred, and the scales even tilted in favor of Xiaomi. The price of Oneplus 7 PRO contradicts the initial idea and I see it only as a product, not a work. The fact that it is packed with technology, but the competition does some things better. The last Oxygen OS compilation is number 9.5.8.GM12AA and this is what I now base my words on. Maybe (I assume that this will be the case) in the future there will be new things in the software and corrections of the above-mentioned defects.

Oneplus 7 PRO Sample photo review sample photos

Don't get me wrong too, this is a great phone. Very efficient, taking great photos and definitely innovative. The battery lasts for a really long time of use. If any of you are looking for a new and top smartphone, Oneplus 7 PRO will certainly meet your requirements.

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