Roidmi Magnetic Holder - a magnetic holder

Small and strong. It would be enough to describe the Roidmi Magnetic Holder. Instead of a large glass holder, a magnetic holder with a ventilation grille.

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Roidmi Magnetic Holder is a magnetic holder for your phone, gps, tablet or anything else. Mounted in a ventilation grille. Holds steadily and holds the target device firmly.

Let's start from the beginning, i.e. from the box and its contents. As it happens in the Xiaomi stable, the packaging design is not the most impressive. A small white box with a short description on the back.

Roidmi Magnetic Holder Roidmi Magnetic HolderThe content is more captivating than the exterior. Inside, apart from the handle, you will find an instruction and two magnetic “blinds”.

Roidmi Magnetic Holder Roidmi Magnetic HolderThe holder itself is very solid. There were opinions on the facebook group that it sucks because it does not stick to the ventilation grille, or rather on one rib. I have to deny this thesis - the handle fits tightly on the rib, and the phone attached vertically or horizontally, is very stable and secure.

Roidmi Magnetic Holder I used the Roidmi Magnetic Holder with phones such as Nokia N8, OnePlus One and Xiaomi MiNote 3. In all cases, the phone did not slide out of the magnet's field of operation at all. Neither did the phones themselves fall off and they did not vibrate. What's more, the magnet is so inconspicuously strong that it even holds the phone through the case.

Roidmi Magnetic Holder Roidmi Magnetic Holder

Roidmi Magnetic Holder Roidmi Magnetic Holder


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