Tradingshenzen - how to shop? Guide!

Tradingshenzen what is this store? How to create an account in the Tradingshenzen store? How do I pay for purchases at Tradingshenzen? Tradingshenzen how to buy? We will answer these and other questions in this guide.

Tradingshenzen - what is this store?

Tradingshenzen is a store that mainly focuses on consumer electronics. Its headquarters are in China, but both payments and most shipments are made from Germany.

Tradingshenzen - we create an account.

To create an account, let's go to the home page of the store. Most likely, the page will load in German and with the default Euro currency.

change of the language of tradingshenzen

Now, to create an account, select the button in the upper left bar - New Account (1).

tradingshenzen account opening

After selecting it, we will be taken to the page with creating a new account or login. When creating a new account, enter our e-mail address in the left column (2) and press the button Create an account. If we already have an account, enter the login and password in the right column (3).

Now we will be taken to a form where we need to enter our home address, password and phone number. Here's how to complete everything correctly:

creating an account

creating an account 2

After filling in all the fields, press Register. An account will be created and we will have to confirm the account creation by e-mail.

Tradingshenzen - we shop.

In this part, I will show you how to shop with my Xiaomi Mi9 phone purchase. We search for the product page (of course in my case it is Mi9, and of course you will buy whatever you choose 🙂)

tradingshenzen xiaomi mi9 how to buy how to shop

When we choose the color version or any other variant and we are sure of the purchase, we add the product to the basket by pressing the button Add to Cart. After adding to the cart, a popup with information will appear. We can now continue shopping (Continue Shopping button) or we can go to the payment button Proceed to Checkout.

tradingshenzen xiaomi mi9 how to buy how to shop

In the shopping summary, we will see some information, the most important of which is the choice of delivery and payment methods. In the case of the delivery method, we can choose from:

  • Global Priority - Delivery without VAT by DPD courier within a maximum of 2 weeks. Same as Priority Line at Gearbest. I recommend that you only use this delivery method for expensive products.
  • DHL Express - Very fast delivery by DHL courier, but in this case we have to take into account additional customs fees. There is a separate guide on DHL, VAT and customs for purchases from China on our website. I don't recommend this method if you don't want to pay extra.

Now payment methods:

  • Bankwire - regular bank transfer. Unprofitable due to the additional fees charged by banks for foreign transfers, and the transfer duration is also several days.
  • Paypal - the fastest and safest method of payment, offering additional security in the form of the possibility of opening a dispute.
  • Crypto Currency - it is possible to pay with cryptocurrency, but I will not say anything more about it, because I do not use this type of payment.
  • VISA / MASTERCARD / GOOGLE PAY / APPLE PAY - we can pay directly by card or google / apple pay. This option is recommended when Paypal is unavailable. Whenever something goes wrong, we have the option of using Chargeback (I described this process on our website 🙂)

tradingshenzen xiaomi mi9 how to buy how to shop

When everything is correct, press the button Buy.

tradingshenzen xiaomi mi9 how to buy how to shop

A popup will appear for the last time asking if everything is correct. The delivery address will be provided. If everything is correct, press the button OKif there is an error somewhere, hit Change.

tradingshenzen xiaomi mi9 how to buy how to shop

After a successful purchase, we will see the information, but in German, that our order has been confirmed and has been saved under the number provided at the end.

That's it, the order has been processed correctly.

You can check your orders in the order history tab. We do this by selecting My Account from the drop-down list in the upper right corner, and then select Order History and Details.

tradingshenzen my orders order history

This is how we created an account, made the purchase and made the payment. It's simple, isn't it?

If you have further questions, please contact me in the comments


  1. is there a guarantee for phones from tradingshenzen?

  2. How do you know what magazine it goes from?

  3. for Paypal they charge 4% and the card payment is not available if we choose shipping to PL


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