Tranya Rimor - Wireless headphones with Noise Cancellation

Little fleas trying to conquer the market. Will they make it? Is it worth it? Tranya Rimor - I invite you to review.

Honestly? I have never known and never heard of Tranya. We cannot find their products on AliExpress or Gearbest. We have the option of buying directly from their website or from However, the package arrived from China without any problems (when purchased from the store).


The headphones are delivered in a small box, and the contents are pulled out in the form of a drawer. Inside you will find a Quick guide, a charging case with headphones, a set of foams, a USB-C charging cable and that's it.


Producer: Tranya
Model: Rimor
Controller: 10mm Dynamic Driver
Bluetooth: V5.0 (10m range)
Waterproof: IPX5 Rating
Charging Connector: USB-C (Fast Charger)
Operation: Touch
Noise Reduction: Yes, Environmental Noise Cancellation (it's not ANC)
Earphone battery capacity: 50mAh
Case battery capacity: 500mAh
Charging time 1h handset / 2h case
Listening time on battery: minimum 6h


Tranya Rimor does not differ in shape and structure from what can already be found on the market. A case that is charging and it also charges our headphones. On it, a 4-stage LED informing about the charge level. Small fleas, marked L and R with a touch function button. They fit snugly, although I think I have crooked ears, because each in-ear headphones do not sit perfectly. The glove box is finished in such a smooth matte style, but my concern is the hinge that feels like it's about to break out. Fortunately, there is also a magnet that protects against accidental opening.


The headphones connect to devices using Bluetooth 5.0. When we have BT on the device, after pairing, just turn on the headphones for the connection to be automatic. Unfortunately, they are not detected everywhere as a music device, e.g. in Xiaomi, so we cannot set the built-in EQ to improve the sound quality.

Tranya Rimor wireless headphones noise canceling cancelation ENC

The fleas themselves are controlled by touch. With one touch, we can either pick up and hang up a phone call, or pause and resume a song. By holding 2 seconds, we can change songs, and with a quick, double tap, we can increase or decrease the volume. Unfortunately, it does not work with all applications, e.g. in Spotify, I cannot change songs. Tranya Rimor offers support for voice systems such as Google Assistant or Alexa. Just touch the button on any earpiece 3 times to activate and speak.

Tranya Rimor wireless headphones noise canceling cancelation ENC

The LED on the headphones is also an advantage. There are two colors. Blue and red. The first one informs us about turning on the device and pairing, and the red one about charging and low battery. The device is also able to inform us with a voice message in English that the battery is low.

Tranya Rimor wireless headphones noise canceling cancelation ENC

The small holes that you can notice on the headphones are both the microphone and the element of mute the environment. Tranya Rimor are equipped with active suppression of environmental disturbances. This option is always on and cannot be turned off.

Sound quality

Flea comes with a 10mm sound driver, which should provide excellent sound quality and good bass. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the bass is the most missing here. All songs sound flat in my opinion. Better bass can be found in Blitzwolf BW-FYE1. Besides, you can't complain, the sound is clear. The interlocutor is also heard very clearly, and we can also be heard quite well.

I tested the headphones at home, in the city, and in the gym, and in all these cases the volume was sufficient for clear listening to music. The ENC works, but not somehow spectacular, but here I would blame myself and my ear design. The intrathecal devices make me uncomfortable, especially every earpiece falls out of the right ear. Rimor too. After a while, I notice the right earbud slides out, but it's comfortable to wear and seems to be well-balanced for build and weight.

The headphones sound decent, but not crazy. This one sentence sums up the sound quality.


I have to admit I'm surprised by the battery life. All in all, from the very beginning it never happened to me that the headphones suddenly surprised me and discharged. Charging the case itself also takes a short time, about 2 hours, to later also charge the headphones. After 5 hours of listening to music on the headphones, I got lost, and they were still charged. After a few weeks of not using them, the case itself also kept the battery at a high level (the charge dropped by 25%). I'm also impressed!

Tranya Rimor wireless headphones noise canceling cancelation ENC

Headphones can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's website:


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