VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display phone review with two screens

Vivo Nex 2 Dual Display is the third smartphone model on the market with an additional screen, but the first one to make good use of it. So is it worth buying Vivo Nex 2 Dual Display?

Admission word. This phone model is VIVO NEX 2 with the note Dual Display, and not as some people write Vivo Nex S2 Dual Display. Vivo does not offer such a phone.

1VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - kit composition.

Vivo Nex 2 Dual Display comes in a box that opens and also has a pull-out drawer. The last time I encountered something like this in OnePlus One, but I did not test all models. The phone is in the global version, but not my kit does not have a European charger, but UK.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

Included as standard paperwork, USB C cable, tray key, 22W charger and attention - headphones! I remember when there were comments under the videoreview that no one is adding and I have nothing to expect too much. Come on, Vivo got the subject after all!

vivo nex 2 dual display review

2VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - technical data.

On the day of its premiere, Vivo Nex 2 Dual Display was a flagship phone, and it was innovative in its field. Like most flagships, it is equipped with Snapdragon 845. On board 10GB RAM and 128GB internal memory. More detailed specification below:

CPU & GPU Snapdragon 845 8 × 2.8Ghz & Adreno 630
OS Android 9 - Funtouch OS 4.5
Internal storage 128GB
Battery 3500mAh
Front screen Super AMOLED 6.39 ″
1080 x 2340 px - 16: 5,9
Rear screen Super AMOLED 5 ″
1080 x 1920 px
The camera first: Sony IMX363 AF, OIS, f / 1.79
the second: FF, f / 1.8
third: FF, f / 1.3 + TOF 3D
NFC None
LTE B20 / 5G Yes No


3VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - construction.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

The first things that catch your eye are undoubtedly the double screen and the luna ring. I know that the back of the screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 5, but there is no information about the front. It's probably also the GG5. It is important that both screens are factory-covered with protective glass. Not very efficient, because the front began to scratch very quickly, and I really try to avoid the front contact with e.g. keys in my pocket, etc.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

What is Luna Ring - well, it is such a very extensive notification diode, which has different lighting effects depending on the need. Luna Ring shimmers differently when we charge the phone, differently during application notifications, differently when someone calls and can even make visuals in the music application. Very nice gadget, but it's a pity that it's the most convex element on the back of this phone. Connecting the screen to the ring likes to catch dirt that is difficult to clean. And also to enjoy the lights as in the fire station, we must have the phone placed with the back up. Well, but it's worth it, because in my opinion it makes a quite positive impression and is a powerful breath of freshness, unlike an ordinary LED. If this phone was designed by Xiaomi, I bet that notifications would be completely abandoned, and here you are - they are quite effective.

What else has Vivo Nex 2 Dual Display not given up yet? With a 3.5mm Jack headphone jack! Yes, contrary to what other producers say it is impossible, Vivo showed that it is possible. The phone is thinner than the Mix 3, about 7mm, and yet audiophiles (and me, even though I am not) were included in the design of this phone. What's more, to make listening to music on the cable more pleasant, a 2-bit audio driver has been added to the Nex 32.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

In terms of sound, the built-in loudspeaker, which can be found at the bottom of the housing, is worse. I respect that the vivo does not dim with a second speaker, and it used this tray space for two nano sim cards. This speaker sounds as if it was either covered with a piece of paper or too deeply embedded. It's hard to describe this sound and the camera doesn't pick it up either.

In addition to two screens, the body consists of an aluminum frame with a total of 4 buttons. On one side, the power button and volume buttons, and on the other side, the switch of the second screen.

Let's go back to the back of the phone for a moment. In addition to the luna ring, there is a triple camera, the latter of which has the TOF 3D function, which allows you to scan our face in 3D. Thanks to this, the phone can be unlocked even in complete darkness. In addition, there are also two LEDs for the selfie mode and one - more powerful for the normal mode.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

4VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - performance.

Top phone offers top performance. In the case of Vivo Nex 2 Dual Display, there is no question of any lags or lags. Both the Funtouch OS overlay itself works very well (by the way, I see many similarities to Miui), and the latest and demanding games do not have a problem with working on this phone. PUBG runs very smoothly at the maximum possible graphics settings, just like other games. There is also no problem with the operation of various applications in dual task mode. Really, this phone is very well optimized and everyday use is not a problem for it.

Antutu Benchmark "estimated" the phone's performance at nearly 293 points, which puts it in the ranking at the Mix 3 level.

An interesting thing is the game mode in Vivo Nex 2 Dual Display. After selecting which games should belong to this mode and when starting them, the phone boosts its performance. It's hard to feel the difference empirically, because so far there is no game that would be resource-consuming and eat up the possibilities of vivo. Blocking notifications, hiding them and incoming calls become useful. Thanks to this, we can play in peace and without any distractions.

5VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - battery.


3500mAh capacity. More than in Mix3 and you can already feel this small difference. I will not lie that the phone lasts 2 days without stuttering, but the battery life (use and standby) exceeds 24 hours. A few hours of playing PUBG wasn't a problem. 8 hours of listening to music from YouTube during the car tour was also no problem (and the screen must be on). I can honestly say that the low battery message can surprise you, because I quickly get used to continuous work. That's all in Normal mode, and the Nex 2 offers two more battery-saving modes. Let me put it briefly - such a working time on a single charge with a seemingly small battery is a big, positive surprise.

6VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - double screen.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

Probably each of you asks himself this question - why two screens? The main goal of this treatment is to get rid of the notch and tear and to make the most of the front surface. Thanks to this, we can use almost 92% screen-to-construction ratio. No unnecessary sliders, retractable lenses, attached modules and God knows what else. Simple and safe construction.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

The front screen can be unlocked with a fingerprint placed on the screen, or the rear screen with a face scan, which is hidden in the camera on the back. We can also choose the screen and the unlocking method we want to use.

The back is of course also a full-fledged SuperAMOLED with FullHD resolution and a diagonal of 5,49 ″. There is only one, delicate problem with it. The system itself works using the full available screen area, but the installed applications are run in the front resolution, i.e. FHD +, which means that there is empty space, because everything is scaled to the size of the screen. Personally, it does not bother me, perhaps in the future an additional profile will be created for the application to run in a different resolution and give the possibility to fully use the screen.

An additional screen is useful when we want to use another application without leaving the already running one, or read notifications without turning off, for example, a movie or a game. How to do it? AI vivo recognizes what we do on the phone and either automatically displays notifications, e.g. from the messenger on the rear screen, after unlocking it, or displays the menu and we decide what we want to turn on. The screens can work independently - in the sense that we run something different on each of them (multitasking), or just like one by simply flipping the content from front to back and back to front using, for example, a gesture of sliding three fingers across the screen.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

The obvious thing is to use the second screen in the camera when taking selfie photos, but in the camera it has another use. When we take photos of someone, the other person can see each other in an additional screen and correct, for example, their pose. If there is no idea for a pose, we can display it from the pos vivo library or when we add something ourselves.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

Indirectly, not much needed, but available mode is displaying short messages. Is it in the form of animated graphics or what we draw ourselves. One option is called V-mood and the other is called Paint Heart.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

Both screens allow you to enable the AllwaysOnDisplay feature. We choose whether the AOD should work on the screen only on the back, only on the front or on both at the same time.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

For external applications, there is no problem with using the front camera. We receive an appropriate message that we have to turn the phone to use the front camera.

7VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - camera.


The triple camera makes a very good minus of pictures (very good). The camera's potential is big, but you can tweak some options programmatically. When taking photos, we have many options to choose from, such as panorama, professional mode, portrait, animated photo, automatic mode, night mode, etc. The Sony sensor - IMX363, 4-axis is responsible for the quality of photos optical image stabilization and brightness in turn f / 1.79, f / 1.8 and f / 1.3.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

Pictures taken in both natural and artificial light are very good. It is ok at night as well, but sometimes noise can appear. The night mode comes to the rescue, which works similarly to Xiaomi, but slightly worse. It is like a combination of HDR mode with increasing the exposure, which can be especially noticed on lighting elements such as lamps, signs, etc. These things seem to be overexposed, but in general the photos come out well.

AI works efficiently, recognizes effectively photographed objects and selects the appropriate scenes and modes. Beautification also works well. Both the face and body correction is at a decent level. Professional mode offers the same parameters as other phones. We have the option to manually set ISO, shutter speed, exposure, white balance and focus.

For mobile photographers and models, an extra screen can be very useful. We can display what we see ourselves, i.e. the photographed person sees himself and, for example, can improve his pose. If there is no idea for them, we can also download ready-made poses and, for example, dance moves, from the vivo cloud, or display our own suggestions from the phone's memory.

You can not fault the videos in Vivo Nex 2 Dual Display. There is a choice of codec between H.264 and H.265, optical image stabilization and recording in 4K 30FPS, FHD 30 / 60FPS and 720P 30 / 60FPS. Videos in good lighting are of great quality. Focus works smoothly and quickly, when the amount of available light decreases, grain and noise are visible.

vivo nex 2 dual display review

The selfie mode also works fine. After all, one and the same camera is responsible for the selfie. The advantage is a separate flash in the form of two LEDs, shining with warm and non-intrusive light. Selfies taken in the dark do not pose a challenge for VIVO. Also, additional portrait mode options, e.g. changing the reflected light into patterns, styling the image into studio light or just our dormer in color, and the background in black and white, are an interesting variety. I will not mention the beauty mode, because it is a standard.

8VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - Fingerprint Reader and Face Unlock.

The fingerprint reader built into the screen works fine under several conditions. The finger must be perfectly placed, then unlocking occurs relatively quickly, but slower than in the Mi9. Putting your finger "sloppy", the phone may refuse to unlock us. Also, when our hands are cold, dirty or sweaty, unlocking may be difficult.

It is different with face unlock. This solution always works, regardless of the conditions. All thanks to TOF 3D. Whether we have glasses or not. Whether it is complete darkness or unusually bright and we are trying to unlock the phone against the light. This method works flawlessly, precisely and extremely quickly.

9VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - the second screen in games.


The additional screen on this phone was supposed to be similar to the PS Vita technique. Unfortunately, I do not know in which games you can use backwards as e.g. triggers or for other functions. This option was presented on the basis of the PUBG game, but nowhere does it support an additional screen. Even after adding the application to a special Game Cube mode, in addition to increasing performance, optimizing RAM, muting notifications and incoming calls, the rear screen is still not functional for the game profile. Perhaps in the future this support will be added, but I personally doubt it very much.

10VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - sound.


The 32 bit converter improves the sound quality, but… I'm not an audiophile to feel a huge difference. On headphones or in the car, after connecting the AUX, vivo sounds much better than any other phone, even playing music from Youtube.

The Music application, i.e. the music player, has an additional option - a switch - HiFi. When it is turned on, a series of audible changes occurs. The sound is more spacious and natural. The bass is warmer and deeper, but not rumbling.

A huge plus in Vivo Nex 2 Dual Display deserves the 3.5mm Jack input. The phone is not thicker than its top competitors, and yet the headphone input has not been abandoned, which is a great help for me. The loudspeaker sounds worse. Although we do not have stereo sound, it is not noticeable as in Mi9, but the quality of the sounds is muffled? It sounds as if the loudspeaker is embedded too deeply and the sound released first crashes into the phone casing and only then goes to the exit. You get used to it, but it's a very specific sound.

11VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display - video review.

12The VIVO NEX 2 Dual Display can be purchased here:

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