Xiaomi M187 (Youth Edition) Mijia Scooter

I admit that this is my first electric vehicle and despite my great skepticism, it won my heart. There are some downsides to it, but this scooter is still a lot of fun!

1Technical data

Xiaomi m187 youth edition

The Xiaomi M187 scooter can be easily compared to the Xiaomi M365. The technical parameters are almost identical because the construction is already here. Both models look the same and are difficult to tell apart.

The rated power of the motor in the front wheel in both cases (M187 and M365) is 250W, the maximum is 500W. Both scooters can accelerate to 25 km / h, which is why I rode my M187 the fastest 30 km / h downhill 🙂

Here is the comparison between the Xiaomi M187 and M365:

M187 M365
Engine power: 250W / 500W 250W / 500W
KERS + Roof Roof
Battery: 187Wh 280Wh
Max distance: 20km 30km
V-max: 26km / h 26km / h
Possibility to modify the software:
Yes, it depends on the battery code Yes, it depends on the battery code
E-ABS / Shield E-ABS / Shield
Max capacity:
120kg 100kg!
IP54 IP54
Yes, MiHome and others Yes, MiHome and others
4h 5,5h
LED display:
Only LEDs Only LEDs
12kg 13kg


It looks like this - offers update automatically, every day:

These are technical data, what does it look like in practice? When it comes to distance, frankly speaking, there is no difference between them. In city traffic, both of them are able to cover practically the same distance. Much depends on your driving style.

The set includes:

  • Manual user instructions,
  • A hose for pumping the wheel,
  • Allen keys,
  • Mounting screws,
  • Charger


2The appearance of the Xiaomi M187

xiaomi mijia m187 electric scooter electric scooter review comparison m365

As mentioned above, there is no difference between the two electric vehicles. Well, unless by weight - the M365 is 1 kg heavier.

What can you say about her appearance. It looks like a typical scooter. It raises no suspicions. Weight of 12 kg, subjectively speaking, it's not much. The foldable arm is a very good solution, it makes transport much easier. You don't need to unscrew anything, it takes faster than taking your snowboard boots off the board.

xiaomi mijia m187 electric scooter electric scooter review comparison m365

The display, dashboard or control panel is symbolic. There is only a switch and four LEDs that symbolize the battery level. Each dot is approximately 20% of the battery. In addition, when the scooter is turned on, you can press the power button once to enter the battery saving mode - the greatest battery recovery, limited maximum speed and sharper braking. This mode is indicated by the lighting of the last LED in green.

xiaomi mijia m187 electric scooter electric scooter review comparison m365

The scooter also has a 1.1W LED lamp that shines amazingly bright. It can be permanently turned on together with the rear light.

In addition, there is also a bell on the steering wheel. Loud, but initially refused to ring at all. I do not know why. When he figured it out, he started to make his own noise. The bell button also serves as an arm attachment after folding the scooter. Despite the fact that it is a plastic element, it seems to be quite solid and so far does not show any slack. Grips very comfortable and soft. Better even than my bike. The weakest element here seems to be the disc brake lever. The fully plastic mechanism gives the impression that it is about to break, but after 100km it still works as it should. There was a slight play.

xiaomi mijia m187 electric scooter electric scooter review comparison m365

The item in the photo above is nothing but a throttle. Press it after pushing back and accelerating to 5km / h to move. We regulate the speed with it. Releasing completely causes engine braking and battery recovery.

xiaomi mijia m187 electric scooter electric scooter review comparison m365

The landing, riser, i.e. the place where we stand, provides very high stability. It is made of quilted rubber. Feet do not slip. It is safe to ride even barefoot. Of course, there was also room for the Mijia logo - very nicely integrated in my opinion. As you can see, the scooter also has a foot, thanks to which you do not have to rest it anywhere. It stands where you want, whenever you want 😉

xiaomi mijia m187 electric scooter electric scooter review comparison m365

The rear is a plastic fender that DOES NOT DO A BRAKE FUNCTION AS IN A USUAL SCOOTER. Trying to brake by pressing your foot on it, you may break it! Besides, as you can see, the M187 is equipped with a disc brake. I recommend that you adjust it before your first ride. The manual also recommends this. The wheel must turn freely and the disc must not be braked by blocks. Only after adjusting the Allen screws (wrenches are included in the set) you can take the first ride. Why so? Because rubbing blocks significantly reduce the distance that the scooter can cover. In my case, it was almost 8 km! For this I also recommend inflating the wheels until they are hard. It's much easier to drive, the engine does not have to run at high speed, and this translates into less battery consumption, which means nothing more than a greater distance to travel on a single charge.

xiaomi mijia m187 electric scooter electric scooter review comparison m365

The front wheel is the drive. A motor with a rated power of 250W is placed here, which can generate a maximum power of 500W. It is also possible to change the software on this scooter, which increases power and maximum speed. Unfortunately, there are also downsides to this procedure. One of them is, for example, loss of warranty, battery heating and reduced battery life. What's more, even though we'll go faster, it's shorter.


xiaomi mijia m187 electric scooter electric scooter review comparison m365 (9)

I use the MiHome application from Xiaomi to connect to the scooter. Everything is in English so no problem understanding the options. The very friendly interface offers the most important information on the main screen. We can see the battery charge, average speed, current speed (30km / h downhill) and the current distance we have traveled.

We can also personalize the scooter to our liking. We can turn on cruise control, change energy recovery strength settings or change the setting for the rear lamp (taillight always on).xiaomi mijia m187 electric scooter electric scooter review comparison m365 (9)

When confronting the measurement from the MiHome application, and eg Endomondo, I can say that in the case of speed there is a 2 km / h error. However, I would rather suggest that the MiHome measures more accurately.

4Overall impressions - summary

xiaomi mijia m187 electric scooter electric scooter review comparison m365 (9)

Me, being a person almost 2m tall, weighing almost 90 kg, did not feel like a zoo and a freak show. I was able to move around very comfortably and I didn't have to slouch. The scooter worked in all conditions. Even up the hill it had no problem to go with me. However, I recommend that each scooter is properly prepared before going on a trip, i.e. inflate the wheels and adjust the disc brake. Is the Xiaomi M187 a weaker scooter than the M365? Not necessarily. The only difference is the battery capacity, but it does not translate drastically into performance. It all depends on your driving style, terrain and driver. Below 50%, both scooters begin to noticeably weaken and take longer to accelerate to the maximum speed. Near the end, i.e. somewhere around 20 km / h, sometimes you have to push back because the scooter has no "strength" to accelerate itself. KERS is there, but it doesn't work while driving. The scooter must stop for the collected energy to start transforming into recharging the battery. In my opinion, the downside in the case of construction here is the lack of even a small display showing the distance traveled and the current speed.

Pros Minuses
+ Very nice appearance, unobtrusive - No display, need to use the app or install a bike computer
+ Quiet and comfortable driving - Noticeable power reduction below 50%
+ Simple and easy folding to transport it


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