Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is another version of the iconic smart band that tests our activity. Previous versions, and especially Mi Band 3 and 4, were extremely popular and gained wide recognition around the world. This time, in the review, I will tell you about the main advantages of the band and what distinguishes it from previous versions.

The main distinguishing features of the Mi Band 5:

- color display, 20% larger than the previous version
- the possibility of any configuration of the main display
- 11 sport modes
- water resistance up to 50 meters
- 24h sleep monitoring system, including REM phases and naps during the day
- 24h heart rate monitoring + alerting about increased heart rate
- tracking the menstrual cycle (which will be extremely helpful for women), the ability to enter symptoms and mood at different stages of the cycle
- the band works for 14 days on a single charge, with 24 hours of BT connection to the phone and application
- magnetic charging (cable included) without removing the tablet


1,1 ”AMOLED screen, displaying images in 16-bit colors; the ability to adjust the brightness of the screen; one button to wake up and operate the band - just like in Apple phones.
Additionally - the screen is scratch resistant; after repeated collisions with a wall, vegetable peeler and other objects - there is not a single scratch on it.


A high-quality sensor enables an accurate measurement of the heart's work and sleep, distinguishing it into individual phases; the pedometer has high sensitivity and shows you the actual status of your steps without counting every swipe of your hand.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 - review


The 125mAh battery charges in less than 2 hours and allows you to use the band for up to 14 days. After six days of using the device, I still have 80% of the battery, so the result is pretty decent.



The band has built-in calculators for exercises such as: outdoor running, walking, cycling, running on a treadmill, swimming, strength / cardio exercises, exercise bike, cross trainer, jump rope, rowing machine. During a run or a long walk, the armband automatically detects the practice of sports and thus activates the sports mode. The user then receives notifications about speed, kilometers traveled and heart rate - including a warning about too fast heartbeat.

The band should be synchronized at least once a week - this is its record in the journal. After this time, the data may be deleted.


This mode supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring, including during sleep, and the aforementioned menstrual cycles for women. This mode can be turned off in the Mi Fit application.
Heart rate monitoring is carried out using the green IR beam and provides us with data about the entire day's heartbeat, as well as the heart's work while resting. We can carry out our own measurements at any time.

Sleep monitoring records the deep, light and REM phases as well as naps during the day. The app analyzes the collected data and provides us with information about the quality of our sleep and tips on how to improve it.

Cycle monitoring: remembers and reminds you of the upcoming period or ovulation. It is also possible to enter accompanying symptoms, such as nausea, headaches or stomachaches. An excellent option for women who plan their families responsibly. When the period appears earlier, just click on the band on the screen - it will trigger a query for today's cycle start date.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 - review

Stress monitoring is an option that I have some doubts about, because I do not know how it should work; whatever the situation, the results tended to be the same. A good option, however, is breathing training, allowing you to relax in stressful moments; it only takes a minute and it definitely helps. PAI vitality index uses twice as much energy - it analyzes our lifestyle for 7 days.

Other useful functions of the band:
- the ability to take photos (the band works as a remote control)
- the ability to control music
- option to find the phone (if, for example, it is lost in the purse)
- option to mute sounds and unlock the screen
- displaying reminders from the application, incoming calls or text messages (it also displays text messages sent to yourself and allows you to save them on the device - pupils and students know what I mean)
- displaying calendar reminders (perfect for corporate employees who forget about appointments)
- weather forecast and its current state
- stopwatch, timer, alarm clock - which can be set directly on the watch
- Bluetooth - obvious 😊
- the ability to choose the hand on which we wear the band
- wristband presence detector
- controllable with the Smart Home option
- Inactivity reminders
- the possibility of replacing the band (a wide selection on various portals)
- any configuration of the home screen, the ability to add your own photos / animations


Through the Mi Fit application, we can create our own home screen of the band. It is enough to go to the profile, then to the "Store" tab and choose one of the proposed themes. Then we choose the font color and background from the gallery and voila! After clicking "Synchronize the screen", a progress window appears on the band and in the application; after a certain time, when the synchronization is finished, we can enjoy the new look of the tablet screen, which can be customized depending on the mood or clothing.

By default, the band has three types of main screen to choose from. Just hold your finger on the home screen until you feel a slight vibration and we can choose from default and customizable screens. You can add up to 3 of your own compositions at a time; this gives us a total of 6 screens to choose from, which we can have in the memory of the band at one time. Predefined screens can also be edited - selecting which elements are to be included in the view.


If you are a guy and you definitely do not want to have cycle monitoring, all you have to do is enter the profile of your band in the Mi Fit application, and then the "display settings" tab. There you can freely choose what will be displayed.


The band connects via BT to the phone, which uses the GPS signal to determine the user's location. Also then the weather data is downloaded and loaded to the device to be able to view the present and future weather forecast.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is really a pretty good gadget. Huge possibilities of use make the band work well both at school and at work. There are probably functions that I have not told you about yet - so I encourage you to buy and check the possibilities of the band on your own skin. This is the best way to get to know all the capabilities of your device. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

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